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A new boom in Science comes near you in the name of Baba Clinical and Genomic Research Centre – BCGRC in SAIBABA Molecular Diagnostics (SMD) Located in TICEL BioPark II, Taramani, Chennai. Equipped with number of fresh amenities and ultra-modern scientific instruments, the company launches its first phase in Biotechnology Core Instrumentation Facility – BTCIF in TICEL BioPark II, Taramani, Chennai. Visit our page for more information

World runs behind Science in ruling out the truth of Nature. In this treasure finding run, Baba Clinical and Genomic Research Centre – BCGRC shakes hand with Biomedical Equipments Training Academy and presents you the modernized science facilitated lab under one roof in finding the hidden treasure.

Dr. N.Gnana Veera Subhashini, the founder and the Chairman of this Research centre is very much interested in unlocking the last few secrets of life. Dr. N.Gnana Veera Subhashini, as a Geneticist, works to unearth the origins of diseases, birth defects, and then in turn develop ways to prevent or treat them. She believes in her work from beginning to end. With the explosion of the information made available in the world legendary Dr. K. M. Cherian Heart Foundation, she has earned the vanguard knowledge the most comprehensive services in the genetic diagnosis and now stepping to extent her research for the prevention and management of hereditary disorders and birth defects affecting fetuses, newborns, children, adolescents and adults. As an evidence of her dedication in research, and being as one of the pioneers of cardio-genetics field in India, she has discovered few novel mutations in human Cardiomyopathy which have been published in DNA Data Bank of Japan- DDBJ.

And now her company basements on finding out the truth behind the natures screen by scientific approach. The all new brand of Science with cutting edge technologies like Stem PCR, Cloning are taught by our expertise. Moreover tests for enhancing the quantity of crop yield by GMO, quality improvement assessment by Agrobacterium Transformation, in vitro multiplication and conservation of plants by Tissue Culture techniques, anti-oxidant capacity, Secondary Metabolite production, Testing the viability through DNA isolation, Cell signaling, Metabolic Pathways, Enzyme production, Quality improvement by rDNA technology with the help of Real Time PCR, Cloning, Sequencing, Pharmacological and pharmacognostical study, Microbial interaction with plants, animals are some of the techniques that are taught practically with hands-on training by technically sound experts.

Rapid advances and the greatly expanding scope of genetic engineering, industrial Biotechnology, Marine Biotechnology and Clinical Biotechnology have generated new applications for biological products to control a virtually unconstrained prospective for altering the capabilities of living systems and allowing an uniqueability to control life processes. By using these biotechnological expertises our nation could significantly reduce its dependence on foreign sources.

Government of India and government of Tamil Nadu jointly established BTCIF, the first of its kind in India as a model project at a cost INR 109.3 million in TICEL for providing scientific supports with high end equipments and carrying out their research/ investigations by industries/entrepreneurs for commercialization. Value added services include technical/ analytical, incubation, mentoring and training support in collaboration with Universities/Institutions.

Science graduate students (B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Tech, M.Tech, B.S, M.S) who undertake projects will be guided and their potentiality will be molded in such a way that the trainees can become a trainer. Periodical hands on training programs, Workshops, Lectures, Short term projects, Long term projects, Outsourcing, Genetic analysis, Research projects, Research publications will be arranged for the benefit of interested candidates wherein basic to up-to-date science will be taught and certificates will be provided.


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Baba Clinical and Genomic Research Centre,
    #5, CSIR Road Bio Technology Core Instrumentation Facility
    TICEL Bio Park II Taramani,
    Chennai - 6000113,
044 - 32212700
   +91 7667899994