Workshop on “Cell line culture, cell viability & proliferation techniques”

24. May 2016 NEWS 0
Workshop on “Cell line culture, cell viability & proliferation techniques”

Dear All
Greetings!!!! from BCGRC

Workshop on “Cell line culture, cell viability and proliferation techniques” with Certification.
Duration- 5 days
Fees- Rs. 10,000/head
Training date: Batch I Monday 30/05/2016 till 03/06/2016
Further batches will be conducted on request
CALL: 044-3221270.

Practical Coverage:
Introduction of basic components of Cell culture and environment
Media preparation
Sterile technique and contamination control
Specific cell types and their requirement
Culture of cells in attachment and suspension and scaling up of cultures
Passaging of cells
Study of invitro cell growth behaviour
Determination of cell growth
Cell viability and cell proliferation assay techniques [MTT assay]
Cryopreservation and retrieval of cells from frozen storage

Candidates who are interested in this training can contact us through mail or phone.
For registration please contact us.
Please Note: Limited seats only.
CALL: 044-3221270.

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workshop on cell line culture in chennai
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